Sunday, May 26

Nox Guni Kuvharisa Ma Sports With New Hit Song My Melody

Nox Guni has done it again setting new levels in music quality and videos  standards in the Zimbabwean Music Industry. Nox Guni just released My Melogy featuring Master KG. Nox went all out using high quality cameras and a well directed video which suits the song.Over the last 2 years Nox has been one of Zimbabwes top musicians releasing hit after hit. My Melody will sure break records and set a new standard for Zimbabwean Musician. Watch 7 Listen to the song below.

Nox also posted details of the son on his youtube channel

When you team up one of the finest Southern African Vocalist from Zimbabwe and South Africas finest producer what are you likely to get? Something Addictively Melodic and really catchy, well thats exactly what Nox and Master KG have managed to pull off with this Smash hit titled My Melody.Yes that right My Melody sounds just like the story of a man meeting a beautiful, amazing, woman who turned his life into exactly just that a melody. The song expresses how love touches just the right place when you don't expect to ever meet your soulmate then just like a beautiful song you meet and she turns your life into this amazing melody you cant express besides say "doremifasolatido" the keys that express the complete musical melody! - Video Shot by: San Pedro (Mr Wise) -Song written & composed by: Nox -Produced by: Master KG -Engineered by: Master KG and Nox Additional vocals by: Tyfah Guni

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