Saturday, June 25

Olinda & Tytan File Multiple Peace Orders To Stop Mai TT's Cyberbullying

The Nkomo family has tried everything in their power to live a peacefull life ,but the Cyberbullying from comedian Mai TT has forced them to file another Peace order. Olinda and Tytan filed cases a few months ago against Mai TT but the bullying has not stopped. This has forced Olinda & Tytan just files new Peace orders against the comedian, The the latest documents were filed on May 26 2022. This would make the number of cased they have filed against Mai TT to 5. 

Zimbolivenews's court reporter who attended the hearing noted that neither Olinda , Tytan or Mai TT attended the hearing but were represented by their lawyers. Mai TT was represented by her lawyer Mr A Marara and Olinda & Tytan were represented by their lawyer Mrs N Musviba. This is a developing news story we will update you as we get more information. All eyes will be on Mai TT's Facebook as she is someone who retaliates when provoked and never holds back her feelings. See the court records Zimbolivenews court reporter obtains from the court in Harare today.

olinda mai tt peace order

olinda mai tt peace order

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