Wednesday, June 07

Olinda Chapel Exposes Mai TT For Being A Bully & Insulting Her Daughter & Other People

Yesterday was the first time to actually see a video of my beautiful daughter being insulted and being called names, after so many people tagged me in these videos. Because quite to popular belief I don’t spend my precious time watching or listening to that woman.  I am quite confused kuti a whole woman that went through child birth would stoop so low. Then cry foul for the very same thing that you have done time and time again. 

Is it just a matter of one set of rules for you and another set of rules for others ? Or is this what we call double standards. Now I understand the term when the elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers. 

These social media wars that keep going on and on and on are now extremely toxic and I speak for myself. All the women that are involved are mothers. Surely we can do better than this 😞😞😞. 

Will you apologise to Nandi ? Or she doesn’t count as a child ? 

Itai 🙏 (you are both very wrong)

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