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Oscar Pambuka Writes An Emotional Letter To Zimbabweans

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22 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Oscar Pambuka Writes An Emotional Letter To Zimbabweans

Greetings to you all. Some people think google is God's orbituary of someone.

All the best moments I have encountered in my life are never recorded and are obviously deleted.
For example all my good records are extinct but what is deliberately left is half-baked truths, stupid allegations, opionated pieces by scandalous journalists and haters.
What happened to Oscar Pambuka the PR Manager at 19 for David Whitehead Textiles? What also happened to Oscar Pambuka the youngest newsreader on ZTV? What about my works of uplifting others and stories of triumph.
I have done plenty of positivity which were published but are now nowhere to be seen.

Oscar Pambuka

It's indeed a clear agenda to extinguish my name in your search engine which immediately promotes fake news and however you describe my profile is nowhere near the truth.
So this is my conclusion. I will continue to tell my true story here and not anywhere else.

By the way, journalists who publish falsehoods especially about me fear the power of my gift and trust me try to distort my good record which are known by those who know Oscar Pambuka. These journalists especially from the print media and other bloggers think they are above reproach. Some of them urinate on their beds, abuse themselves with pride and corruptly caress the weak and vulnerable.  So if you become personal with anyone I promise to do the same. They call the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty and love using false adjectives to describe characters.

Get away liars, get away haters, get away if you are that person who finds joy in destroying and distorting the truth.
As for me, I am a Conqueror and I am certain no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper.
Don't let anyone conclude your destiny for it's in the hands of God. Do not fear those who hate you for they shall be dismayed. 
I am a master in my game and try me if you think I lie. 
Ndinoverenga news ndakavhara maziso manzwa.
#OscarPambuka ndini wacho.


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