Saturday, June 25

Robert Mugabe Jr In Singapore Hospital After Right Ling Collapses

Rumours are coming to Ingodatv on Robert Mugabe Jnr’s Admission at Singapore Hospital over Right Lung Collapse after he had traveled to Singapore on business. Last week Robert Mugabe Jnr was rushed to a hospital in Singapore after his Right Lung Collapsed when he had traveled to Singapore.

This happened the following day after he had landed in Singapore on Saturday and its alleged he was by himself when it all happened. The following day during early evening hours, Singapore Time around 6/7pm its alleged he started to have some chest pains on his Right Upper Body side. He couldn’t breath well and he decided to go to the hospital. It’s said as soon as got there he was admitted and told his Right Lung had Collapsed and they needed to operate him but the cause of it wasn’t mentioned. Fortunately Robert went through a succesful operation (surgery) on his Right Lung, and its said he is now stable and recovering. He was recently moved out of an ICU where he was being administered.

Via @ingodatv

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