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Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa’s Unique Pregnancy Divides Zimbabweans

Award-winning media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa seems to be dividing Zimbabweans following her recent announcement about her pregnancy.

A glowing Ruvheneko announced her pregnancy in a beautiful video over the weekend. In the video, Ruvhi explained that she has always wanted to be a mother since she was 21 years old. Unfortunately, things have not worked out for her as she had planned and she was feeling that time was not on her side. The media personality, who turns 34 this year, announced her divorce in 2019.

Feeling that time was not on her side, Ruvheneko decided to have a baby the unconventional way while she waits to meet her “Mr Right.”

She also revealed that along her journey to motherhood, she discovered that she had fibroids. That spurred her into taking action after exploring the options available to her, like freezing her eggs or finding a sperm donor.

The talk show host did not share details on how she became pregnant but revealed that she is ecstatic about becoming a mother for the first time.

Surprisingly, Ruvheneko’s unconventional pregnancy seems to have divided Zimbabweans. Many people, particularly women, congratulated Ruvheneko on living life on her terms without bowing to societal expectations.` They also thanked Ruvheneko for sharing her story and inspiring many of them.
Some other people, particularly men, criticized Ruvheneko for going against societal and cultural dictates by choosing to be a single mother. They accused her of setting a bad example to “young women” and of bringing “fatherless” children into the world.
Below are some of the comments from social media,

There’s so many children in Zim who have no fathers because men choose not to stick around once they have created children. In this instance it’s the mother, a very capable and well resourced woman, who has chosen to have a child in the absence of a father. There’s no trauma or rejection involved because she walks into it of her own accord, fully armoured and blessed with a family support system. I believe she’ll be fine. – Melisa M

There’s really nothing to celebrate about Rue’s pregnancy, nothing is inspirational about being a single mom. Already society is burdened with the problems of single moms & we’re supposed to celebrate that, all because she made a cute little video on YouTube.

Let us not pretend as if she’s some widowed woman who ended up a single mom, this is a woman who was divorced on allegations of an affair, so let’s not act like she’s this sweet angel. For someone of her stature in the public sphere, she’s been a bad role model

From justifying her soft life courtesy of her family name, to being chased out of marriage due to allegations of infidelity now this fatherless child. The world already has enough kids without fathers & we all can see how problematic these kids are to society at large…Shadaya Knight

Love this. I am currently a solo parent. Blessed with a son and still hoping for my God given marriage. Never live to someone else’s expectations. I was ready for my baby – Rumbie Annah

Ruvheneko, what a beacon you are! Always glowing. I’m excited for you and I’m glad you decided to follow what you wanted out of this life thing. Please continue to share pages of your book. I’m one of those yet to write my own and you inspire me. Wishing you, no praying, for you and your healthy baby! 💞 – Ivy

Thank you so much for saying this Shadaya.  Considering the fact that she is a role model to some of our little sisters out there and then coming with this …soo disappointing

Marriage is a good thing if given by God and so is raising a child with both parents – Wezhira Dimplez
Not even sure why her choice is affecting anyone. She wants to have a baby, fine. Zvingani zvikuitwa that’s being against this so called culture makuda kutawura because zvave zvenunhumbu isiri yenyu manje. – Emmanuellie

People who are defending her, have u heard the ex-husbands story? & those who corroborate it? There is a reason why some people choose to stay quiet, the moment they talk munonyara. Don’t defend what u don’t know. Man has a point, but as usual it appears toxic coz u have a side. – Tynashh

Wow beautiful. It is so true,there are so much society expectations and so much judgement but at the end of the day,you are alone. Noone should live for anyone. Every one has different journies. Touching! Congratulations Ruvheneko. – Primrose Kurima

Takupembedza mvana. Nyika yoenda kumawere. Mvana imvana and there’s nothing to celebrate about that. Widowers,rape victims and those single because of abusive relationships/partners ndovega masingle anonzwissika not pfambi. — GodwillsMajutta

Beautiful story and well told. You have just inspired hundreds of women who are contemplating motherhood but so scared of society. I’m all for women who own their journeys in this life and do it unapologetically ❤️ – Moreblessing Mbire Musvanhiri

Income tax, National insurance tax etc all go up for society to help provide for them especially in developed western countries. Kuremedza society. Sadly these are the role models of our ama 2000s kids. – Xavier

Congrats .. you deserve this joy of motherhood ❤️. Thank you for being so brave by sharing this and standing up for the women of this generation.–Floey Muyeye

I respect your choice, But mwana anongobvunza nezvababa mukukura kwake in as much as we might support the idea of choosing to have a baby by any means. I respect choices made by individuals regarding having children but in my opinion it is always best kukudza mwana with both parents together. – Zivanai Mutiti

Congratulations Ruvheneko you have challenged societal beliefs and expectations by opening up. So many women are battling with fibroids and are afraid to try other ways because they fear the stigma and discrimination that is associated with going that grey area. You are indeed a hero. Happy women’s month. – Beatrice Mugandani

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