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Soul Jah Love’s Family Speaks After He Was Declared A Liberation Hero

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19 Feb, 2021   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Soul Jah Love’s Family Speaks After He Was Declared A Liberation Hero

The family of the late Zim Dancehall sensation Soul Jah Love has described the chanter as a hero who lived his life with purpose and sang for the people.

This comes after Soul Jah Love was declared a liberation hero by President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday.

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Speaking during an interview with New Zimbabwe, Soul Jah Love’s elder brother, Tendai Mike Brighton Musaka said the conferment of the hero status on Soul Jah Love was quite befitting as his music resonated with many Zimbabweans.

“He was a complete artiste. Saul was a hero.”

“I am proud of his works, as an artiste, he impacted many with his music,” he said.

Soul Jah Love’s brother added that Sauro’s music was therapy to his fans especially to those who experienced difficult social pressures.

“The people he used to encourage with his songs would say to me ‘your young brother’s music has pulled me out of dark times’.

The death of  Soul Jah Love left many Zimbabweans devasted as he was one artist who lived his truth and sang as he lived and as such, his fans related to his music.
His music was an inspiration to many especially to the ghetto youths as he showed them that hard work, creativity, and perseverance can build one an international brand despite the adversities one may face in life.

Soul Jah Love’s brother revealed that he was proud of  Soul Jah Love because despite struggling with sugar diabetes for over 17 years he thrived to survive and learned to manage his condition well.

“He lived his life purposefully and very well despite the challenges of being over 17 years diabetic.

“He was diagnosed with sugar diabetes at a young age and there are fights he used to pull through until a stage where he could really maintain himself.”

The late music icon who died on Tuesday after a long battle with type 1 diabetes is set to be buried on Saturday at Warren Park Hills Cemetery


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