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Stunner Blasts Olinda Chapel Stop Calling Others Mothers Dyonne & Amaikoko KaMwana Tozokuti Mbuya

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26 Sep, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Stunner Blasts Olinda Chapel Stop Calling Others Mothers Dyonne & Amaikoko KaMwana Tozokuti Mbuya

stunner was on Instagram live with amaikoko talking about all the events of the week involving tinogeza tuesday and the allegations by Olinda that amaikokos father called looking for Stunner. Amaikoko told Stunner hapana anyone from her family who called Olinda its all lies.  Stunner went on to say that he was sick and tired of Olinda Chapel calling his wife Dyonne mwana uya "my wife is a mother and you are a grown woman amaikoko with kids yet Olinda everytime calls you  kamwana kaye. " said an angry Stunner. We will call her ambuya kana akuda zvekuti ana amai vevamwe mwana. Watch the video below.

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Stunner was on his Instagram account with best friend DJMandla and was asked when it comes to bonde does he hit all the holes. Stunner responded by telling  his best friend "ehe ndinorova maburi ese baba" Stunner was not shy to admit that he is a bull when it comes to game of sombonyo. Olinda Chapel Says The Higher I Got The Lower Stunner Gets
Olinda Chapel did a live in which she was encouraging women to be positive and keep their heads up and not listen to man who want to bring them down. Olinda was responding to Stunner after he did  live with Mandla were they body shammed her. Olinda Chapel said thet the higher she goes the lower Stunner goes watch the video below.
Olinda Chapel was in a happy mood and has revealed some secrets about Stunners love life. The latest revelation is the entanglement between Stunner and Dubai Based Business woman Edith Chibhamu. "Stunner na Edith vaitsotsana zviweti in  Dubai and Edith akatengera Owami hembe. Stunner was sleeping with Edith Chibhamu  in Dubai and Edith Bought clothes for Stunners daughter. Watch the video below to the end.

Olinda was on Instagram live where she exposed how Stunner never loved her but was just after her money. Olinda did not hold back her feelings about her ex husband who she labeled was prostituting himself to her. Olionda stated that she was paying Stunner for sex and that he never had any feelings for her. Olinda said that Stunner just wanted money from her and use her so he could boost his career.

Olinda also says that Stunner has been married 3 times and she also has been married 3 times so there is no difference between them. I dont need stunner in my life and he does not mean anything to me . Stunner never loved me were words Olinda kept on saying.

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