Thursday, December 01

Sydney Jr. Samaita Q&A

Zimbabwe has a third of its population in the Diaspora and many Zimbabweans use social media to stay on touch with family and friends. Sydney Jr. Samaita is one of the many Zimbabweans in the Diaspora using social media and over the last year has gained a large following for his posts on facebook. To the ladies  Sydney Jr. Samaita is tall dark and handsome and somewhat available. Zimbolivenews caught up with Sydney Jr. Samaita and asked him a few questions so everyone could get to know him better. You can follow Sydney Jr. Samaita on his Facebook

Zimbolivenews: Who are you?
Sydney Jr. Samaita:  I’m me

Zimbolivenews: What makes you so popular on social media?
Sydney Jr. Samaita: Am I  popular darling? didn't know i was popular. Generally Im an honest fun loving guy

Zimbolivenews: How long Have you Been in Diaspora?
Sydney Jr. Samaita:over 20 years

Zimbolivenews: What advise  would you give to the youth?
Sydney Jr. Samaita: Be yourself,never change for anyone coz you will lose yourself trying to please everyone and then lose everyone trying to find yourself ,you are your own limit,believe in yourself you only die once everyone that told you about Yolo lied to you ,live to see tomorrow you live everyday

Zimbolivenews: What do you think about Zimdancehall?
Sydney Jr. Samaita: I think Zimdancehall is kind of crap, bunch of stupid ass Zimbabweans trying to be Jamaicans 99% of them can’t even sing and most of the lyrics don’t mean shit Fuck Zim dancehall

Zimbolivenews: Are you Married, Dating or Single? 
Sydney Jr. Samaita: talking to someone

Zimbolivenews:Whats something you would live all your fans to know about you?
Sydney Jr. Samaita: not sure about the fans bit, buh if you mean my friends and family I love em all to bits ..

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