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Tatelicious Shares Her Story

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06 Sep, 2018   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Tatelicious Shares Her Story

Losers will be losers.

Never trust a Zimbabwean when you are in the diaspora because he or she always have a hidden agenda.

This is my story.

There is a Zimbabwean man who lives in Härnösand close to Where live in Sweden.
This guy have been in Sweden for quite some time now.

When he heard that there is a Zimbabwean woman in the neighborhood,he invited me over to his house to meet his wife and kids.

The wife cooked some food and I told them that I’m a Human Rights Activist for LGBTIQ and HIV & AIDS ISSUES.

Later on that year I was invited to their wedding.
This event ended on a sad note on my side because this Zimbabwean guy ended up telling everyone at his wedding that I’m HIV POSITIVE.

I was very humiliated because everyone was now coming to me telling me that they feel sorry for me instead of enjoying the wedding.

This Zimbabwean guy call himself a dance teacher and he’s also a taxi driver.

He wasn’t even apologetic of what he did to me and I decided to cut ties with whole family and I never want to associate with them again.

Now this Zimbabwean guy is coming to my house spying on me taking pictures telling people about my private personal life in Sweden.

He’s also lying to people that I force myself on taxi drivers to give them blowjobs and that I sexually abuse post man who come with the post .

This Zimbabwean guy through his actions,he is showing me that he really have a hidden agenda which might be of killing me .

If you hear that something has happened to me it’s because of this Zimbabwean guy who is trying his best to destroy me.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t fight for my rights and fight for justice to prevail.

This war which he has started I’m ready for it and I’m gonna do my best to bring this guy to justice.

Him being a loser in life has nothing to do with me.He shows that he’s very much intimidated by my work in the community and ofcoz my popularity in Zimbabwe and Sweden nags him to bits.

When justice has prevailed you will tell others that never mess with someone’s HIV status without their consent and stay away from people’s homes.

This was my wake up call on how I treat my fellow Zimbabwean people in the diaspora.

This should be also a lesson to everyone,when you go to the diaspora concentrate on your life and don’t entertain STRANGERS.

I love you all and 


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staff reporter
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