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The Ashbragger Still Has Swagger After Turkey Ordeal By CTM

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09 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 4 minutes

The Ashbragger Still Has Swagger After Turkey Ordeal By CTM

I watched the video which you did about Turkey a few times ... I want you to know that I could hear the genuine hurt in your voice and what happened to you jokes aside was utterly and completely despicable and disrespectful! You are a very intelligent, humble, sweet natured gentleman and in my personal interactions with you, you have never ever treated me with anything less than humor, patience and acceptance... I would personally like you to know that I deeply regret the utter and complete lack of professionalism, respect and courtesy with which you have being treated Sir.

What happened to you is irrefutably not acceptable. The lack of couth, honesty and integrity that it would take this woman Faith to invite you half way across the world to a poor semblance of a Reality TV Production with the skeleton crew of two ( herself and her daughter, Precious) is fraudulent and to refuse to pay you a promised wage is criminal and you should sue her in civil court to collect upon your lost wages , both from the time she took you away from your livelihood and the payment promised upon receipt of your service rendered for the duration of your stay in Turkey and travel time. By the emotional abuse which you suffered you should also seek to be compensated for your pain, humiliation and suffering. Ashford never become disillusioned to the fact that indeed there are many very honest and ethical people still left in this world. Don’t change for a woman whom you have being an impeccable gentleman not to call out of her name even after how poorly she treated you. Remain the easy going, happy, optimistic, gifted and motivated young man whom I have come to know you to be. Your character is not even scathed by this man-made drama monger.

Continue to be the Ashford Bragger that I know many people like, respect and admire. You can never hide a bright flame in the darkest place. I will speak for myself but I sincerely wholeheartedly know and trust that God has something incredibly amazing in store for you. It is just around the corner ... please share with me when the time comes to help me also to maintain my faith when I least have the ability and desire to do so.

Which is why I took time to pen this note to you and I’m posting it here and not in the privacy of your inbox because I need to publicly denounce the devil and tell him that he is a liar. I took time to go this extra step because I will never stand by and watch the joy, hope and promise of a future of a fellow Zimbabwean brother be slaughtered for entertainment at the hands of posing amateurs. The real industry is not like that. Erase that experience. You hung out with Faith and her daughter
holding their personal cameras taking videos of you and others. Period. You have as yet to step onto the set of a professional crew. I commend you for the wisdom you showed at all times in how you have articulated your thoughts, spoke, acted and reacted in a context and under a situation which I can only describe as horrific and unpredictable! I pray that nobody else goes through what you did and thank you for your openness because I believe you did it to safe guard others who might find themselves in such precarious situations in the future.

I can’t imagine how badly you must have felt suddenly being shunned and excluded from situations. It was 100% disrespectful to sneak out of a hotel and leave you without explanation, WiFi, or compensation. By what means were you catering to yourself suddenly when the only reason you were in Turkey at all is because Faith had assumed financial responsibility for you? That is disgusting and despicable. I bet you went hungry without food. I read in between your lines. I’ve being through that and I’m very sorry. It was not right.

For this Faith to forbid you from connecting with others and to block you from the opportunity to explore other possible business opportunities for yourself during your down time in Turkey is the characteristics of an extremely insecure, controlling, petty, greedy selfish person ?! Faith does not have a monopoly on business opportunities in Turkey. If this makeshift contract which she had you sign says anything to the tune of the above mentioned then what you unknowingly signed is a contract to be her unpaid puppet and commercial slave. You are too self assured an individual to ever stoop to such lows unless the contract was packaged to you in a deceiving manner.

There is no need for legal jargon in simple English this is not a professional Producer she is a sadist who enjoys hurting and humiliating people for her and her daughters personal video entertainment.
That’s not Reality Show that’s footage from a bully sharing her exploits by film.
Don’t seek vengeance your God will redeem you.
I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas my fellow Zimbabwean countryman and African King.
Head bowed



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