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True Love -Tinashe Maphosa Maybe Jobless After Leaving His Job Without Permission To Go & Mary Mai TT

According to a post  by Mai TT on her Facebook her Husband Tinashe Maphosa was denied permission to come to Zimbabwe and Mary the love of his life. Tinashe was not willing to disapoint his woman and may be jobless after leaving without permission. Mai TT posted the following.

So 2 weeks before our wedding my husband was told you can’t go again to Zimbabwe since  he was there for our traditional marriage a few months before 😞by his bosses , meaning he had to choose between his job and his wedding. He had already bought his tickets 🎟 everything packed and all set and never thought there was going to be any hiccup . 
My husband called me panicking but I told him if this wedding is meant to be it will be , that same week I became very ill and got admitted in the hospital.
I told him we can postpone to whenever your bosses allow you to return home , he kept telling me we will wed on the day we chose to wed . 
The stress,
The pressure 
What will people say ?especially those who never wished us well ? All that was running through my mind .
A couple of days after my husband called and said I’m off to the Airport see you soon 😳I asked what about your job? your bosses? All he said was God is in it and love will always lead.
The Moral of this story is …This relationship has been fought , this marriage has been fought and this wedding has been fought but above all this, as my husband had said and always say , Greater is the one who is in us than the one who is in the world. God is able and were we end is were he starts from . 
When things are seeming as if they are going the opposite direction leave them to God , he will redirect your situation to the right path.
Have Faith 🙏.

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Mai TT leaves husband Tinashe Maphosa in tears

COMEDIENNE and musician Felistas ‘Mai TT’ Murata’s vows left her husband Tinashe Maphosa in tears on Saturday.

She received a standing ovation from guests when she described Tinashe as her last destiny. She thanked him for wiping away her tears, restoring her dignity and comforting her and promised to be faithful until her death. Tinashe, fixing his eyes on Mai TT’s face while holding her left hand, could not hold back his tears as his bride spoke.

He removed his spectacles, wiped off his tears, looked at Mai TT and cried even more.

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