Saturday, June 25

Why Does Mai TT Not Get Along With Other Celebrity Women- All Rally To Stand With Evidence Chihera

It appears as if Mai TT is losing fans and support from other Social Media personalities. Evidence Chihera who Mai TT setup to be arrested by her best friends sister did a live and thanks some of the biggest women celebrities in Zimbabwe for reaching out and helping her out white she was locked up at Harare Central.

Celebrities like Mai Maketeni, Olinda Chapel, Madam Boss, Tatelicious, Rutendo Samas, Zuva Habane and many more who Chihera told her to remain annonymous. Mai TT is known more for her dramatic relationships with different men she has dated and fights with other celebrities. Man believe Mai TT creates these fight to gain views on her Facebook and youtube channels. The only friend standing with Mai TT on her getting Chihera arrested in Faith Candy whose sister was the one who arrested Chihera. Reports coming from ZimDaily Society are that The Police Says Don't involve them in Rubbish 🤣🤣

POLICE says it cannot condone such actions by officer to treat people who do not qualify to be treated as a VIP are accorded such a status.

This follows social media reports depicting Facebook gossiper comedian being escorted by female police officer who was sent to arrest her by another comedian.

The list of Women MAI TT has attacked include

Jackie Ngarande

Lorraine Guyo



Dr Mutisi

Zuva Habane

Olinda Chapel

Rutendo Samas

Mai Maketeni


Zizoe Sisters

Patricia Jack

Shepard Shepiro Sisters

Evidence Chihera

Mudiwa Cookie Lyonne

Ketina Musomere

Mamoe From America

Machembere Hopely 


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