Friday, August 12

ZBC Presenter Admits To Fabricating Rape Allegations In Audio Played In Court

The Harare magistrates’ court today heard that ZBC Presenter, Rutendo Makuti  fabricated rape charges from her frustration  that the Goodness and Mercy Ministries prophet T Freddy was no longer intrested in the relationship.

In an audio played in court by the prophet’s defence counsel, Makuti confessed that she got angry and forced her way to Goodness and Mercy Ministries church when their relationship started fading.
In the audio Makuti said she was forced to come up with allegations because the man of God was no longer showing any intrest in the relationship.

Makuti who is heard apologizing said she acted and came up with allegations because of the frustrations and realization that the prophet was no longer interested in the relationship.

The court also heard that Makuti was having an extra marital affair with several people including her ZBC news boss Albert Chekai.
Makuti admitted that the prophet had several recordings of her but said some of them were tempered with.

Yesterday nude pictures of Makuti were produced in court.

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