Friday, August 12

Zim Social Media Network Becomes The Fasted Growing Media House In Zimbabwe Secures Facebook Small Business Grant

Founded in 2019 by a team of social influencers In Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK, Canada & USA Zim Social News has become one of the biggest and fasted growing media houses in Zimbabwe. Zim Social News has platforms on Facebook with over 10 Facebook pages each with a least 150K followers and 4 Instagram pages with a minimum of 50k followers and 2 TikTok accounts with 500k and 750k followers and 4 news websites.

Majority of people consuming news and entertainment from Zim Social are from Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK, Australia , Canada and the USA. What makes this media platform different from the rest is its diversity by having multiple platforms to share content. 70% posts posted on the Zim Social network go viral and have a reach averaging 100k.

Zim Social Media Network is a none profit organisation and its goal is to provide  independent news & entertartainment to Zimbabweans accross the world. Facebook had noticed Zim Social Media News work and has granted  the network The Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Black-Owned Businesses, The grants program is a part of Facebook's overall commitment to invest $100 million this year in the Black community

 This is huge news as Zim Social Media Network will be able to hire more reporters to poost and publish more content for yor enjoyment. from the Zim Social Media Network team thank you Zimbabwe for the support.

Below is a link to our Instagram Account

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