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Zimbabwe Sex Workers Vochemera Rubatsiro Tanzwa Nekunyengwa Kumusuri Nevarume

Zimbabwe Sex Workers Vochemera Rubatsiro Tanzwa Nekunyengwa Kumusuri Nevarume 

As the world commemorated International Sex Workers’ Day on the 2nd of June, thigh vendors in Murambinda took the opportunity to air out some of the challenges that they are facing with their clients and one problem that stood out is the high demand for anal s_ex.

Commercial sex worker claimed that the problem with men they meet in bars is that they think that since they are sex workers they are open and willing to indulge in any type of sexual activity.

Speaking during an interview, one of the thigh vendors (name not supplied) revealed that a number of men are demanding anal and oral s_ex from them.

She said that their health is now at risk as there is a high chance of getting STIs and all the other sexually related diseases when they engaged in such sexual activities as preventive methods such as condoms tend to break.


The woman added that many women are now shy to go to the clinic if they get infected after engaging in anal s_ex. She claims one woman actually died because she was afraid to tell the nurses and doctors what was wrong. She said that the doctors only discovered what the problem was after she had passed away.


In related news, iHarare recently reported that sex worker in Zimbabwe have allegedly resorted to using bread packets as contraception as the price of condoms and basic essentials continues to rise.

Speaking to  Manica Post,  a 21-year old sex worker from Mutare revealed that she started sex work at 16, and bread packaging was being used as a substitute for condoms when sex workers face shortages.

The condom crisis came to light during a media tour organised by the National Aids Council.

Mutare medical practitioner Dr Tendai Zuze bemoaned how thigh vendors have resorted to using bread packets as protection.

Dr Zuze said using bread packaging was risky as it might not be strong enough to sustain the pressure of friction during intercourse. He added that the bread packets could easily break and put the people involved at risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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