Sunday, October 01

Zvinoyera Zvinotyisa Zvinoshamisa StarFM Irikubhadhara Tete Tilder USD $92 Pamwedzi

Shocking Shocking : Did you know Tete Tilder Moyo’s Salary is $92.50 or 74 000 rtgs or lets just say Her salary is not enough to buy Two ma 50 gig data bundles at Econet. Tiri kuti salary ya tete Tilder can only buy 54.4 liters of Diesel .

Tete Tilder has the Number -1 trending show on star fm and she has the biggest listenership which is 44 % followed by Dj Mbale with 19% .

A source at star fm says the station recently purchased a $70 000 car for one of the managers but havasi kupa vanoita basa mari.

Efforts to get a comment from Tete Tilder were fruitless as her phones were not going through.

One of Zimbabwes top bloggers Zim Social is offering Tete Tilder USD $1000 to work part time for them and Zimcelebs is also offering Tete Tilder to work for them and get better wages. Its very sad that the top braodcaster in Zimbabwe is getting paid next to nothing. the level of corruption in Zimbabwe is out of hand. 

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