Biti Alleges CIO Operatives Sent By Mnangagwa Are Following Him


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Biti Alleges CIO Operatives Sent By Mnangagwa Are Following Him

Opposition MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti says he is being followed by Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents allegedly sent by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


This comes after social media and some media publications claimed that unknown gunmen had attacked and kidnapped Biti from his home in Harare last night. The reports were, however, dismissed by the party spokesperson saying no journalist had been advised about such a case. But the party on Twitter confirmed Biti was being followed by an alleged CIO and ‘overzealous’ Zanu PF supporter Alex Gakanje (Taurai Kandishaya).


“VP @BitiTendai is being trailed by a vehicle driven by Mr Gakanje of Zanu PF who is working with Yeukai Simbanegavi. They blocked his access to his road at home and are constantly parked at his office. He is making a police report on the matter,” the party said.

In an interview with 263Chat Tuesday afternoon, Biti confirmed he was being followed and he accused Mnangagwa and the CIO operatives of being involved in the espionage.

“They have been swarming my office and as you know they invaded our offices when we had a press conference at our office on 26 October 2021. A lot of funny cars have been following me but I believe it’s Zanu PF and I believe it’s Emmerson Mnangagwa and I know that Simbanegavi is involved,” Biti said.


“I know that a CIO operative called Gakanje is involved but there is no unanimity, there is no agreement of the harm that they want to do to me and to Advocate Nelson Chamisa. So it’s a systematic onslaught we saw it in Masvingo, we saw it in Mutare and Mashonaland Central where we were last week.

“It’s like we are in a war zone, a military zone. We have had to use funny vehicles, we have had to walk kilometres and kilometres to avoid blockades, to avoid roadblocks and abductions. It’s 41 years after independence and it’s like I am in Beirut (Lebanon) or Afghanistan and it’s ridiculous.”

Gakanje last year, threatened Biti with death after a heated telephone conversation, hours after the former finance minister was arrested by police in Karoi.

Before the threats, some Zanu PF supporters had gone to Biti’s Law Firm in Harare and left some placards with threatening messages.

Zanu PF accuses Biti of inviting sanctions that were imposed on Zimbabwe by the Western countries over rampant abuse of human rights, economic mismanagement and corruption. 


The MDC Alliance has allayed fears that the party’s co-vice president has been abducted from his home.

This comes after social media reports claimed that unknown gunmen attacked and kidnapped Biti from his home in Harare last night.


Reports claimed that loud gunshots were heard around 11 PM at Biti’s house as five armed men suspected to be state security agents assaulted and dragged Biti into an unidentified white ISUZU twin cab which then drove off at a very high speed. 


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