Wednesday, June 07

CCC President Nelson Chamisa Should Buy DJTowers Fake Versace Under For Getting Zimbabweans To Vote In By Elections

DJTowers deserves a thank you or a pair of fake Versace from CCC President Nelson Chamisa. DJTowers campaigned and got people to vote in the by elections. CCC ended up winning majority of the votes. 
DJTowers played a very important role in CCC winning the by elections. 
President Nelson Chamisa is you read this people buy DJTowers some Versace underwear or face Gucci TShirts for his hard work in making CCC win.

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DJTowers Insults Of Nelson Chamisa Fired Up the CCC base Which Resulted In ZanuPF Losing By Elections . Many Zimbabweans were upset by DJTowers that's it made them want to vote and prove a point. 
CCC President Nelson Chamisa should buy DJTowers a pair of fake Gucci underwear  to show thanks to DJTowers for making Zimbabweans vote for CCC.

DJTowers made several videos where he claimed Nelson Chamisa did not have a plan and that he had kicked him off the Internet . DJTowers was promised thousands of USD dollars by ZanuPF but never got the money. Word is he was paid in T shirts and flip flops .

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ZEC Results Confirm CCC Claims Lion’s Share; Zanu PF Eats Into Opposition Strongholds, Mwonzora Bites The Dust 

THE newly established Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) emerged the biggest winner in the Saturday by-elections after winning in 22 of the 28 National Assembly seats, official results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) results show.

However, Zanu PF can claim significant progress after winning two seats previously occupied by the opposition, Epworth and Mutasa South.


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