Sunday, May 26

Irene Zanga Mukadzi Uyu Ovharira Mwana Wake Tinashe Tanyaniwa For 10 Years Asingabude Panze

THE man, who is reported to have been locked in his family’s house for more than 10 years, was yesterday interviewed by the police.

Tinashe Tanyaniwa’s mother, Irene, was not at home when police officers recorded statements from him.They also recorded statements from Regina Zanga, who stays at the same house.






It could not be established if Irene’s absence was related to the visit by the police for the interviews.

Although police could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print, H-Metro established that police officers managed to interview Tinashe.






Residents are hopeful Tinashe’s ordeal will come to an end.

“At least, Tinashe will get his freedom after we saw police officers visiting the house.

“What we want is his freedom from such bondage and abuse,” said one of the residents

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