Saturday, June 25

Kasukuwere Vows He Will Never Leave Zanu PF

Exiled former member of Zanu PF, ex-Cabinet Minister and G40 branded kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere has vowed to remain a member of Zanu PF as long as due constitutional process was not done by the party to expell him.

Communicating through his tweeter handle, Kasukuwere was responding to Acting Secretary of Information and Publicity for Zanu PF Cde Patrick Chinamasa whom he called 'dishonest'. 

Chinamasa speaking at a Politburo meeting in Harare, revealed that Kasukuwere and his brothers, including some G40 elements, were seeking to come back into the Zanu PF party but at the same time continued to peddle falsehoods about Zanu PF and the situation obtaining in the country.

"There are some G-40 members who come and say they want to be readmitted, but go and work against the party," lambasted Chinamasa. 

Dismissing Chinamasa, Kasukuwere pointed out that he was still a card carrying Zanu PF member, and can only cease to be when due constitutional process has been done. 

"I remain a card carrying member of the party until due process is carried in line with the party's constitution."

Kasukuwere also said he remains 'committed' to Zanu Pf, a notion which was rejected by Chinamasa who accuses the former Youth Minister for working with NGOs, the opposition and other  elements to unsit the current government of President Mnangagwa

Chinamasa said Kasukuwere wanted to play good in the day yet tarnishing the party during the night. 

"One such comrade is Saviour Kasukuwere and his brothers who in the dead of the night, are planning to undermine the Zanu PF Government and during day light they say they want to be readmitted to theparty. We do not allow such hypocrisy,” said the Acting Zanu PF Secretary.

Kasukuwere, however appeared unfazed by Chinamasa's comments, and said he was committed to sorting out legitimacy issues around Mnangagwa's rule, and also help in the national crisis that has befallen the country of Zimbabwe.

"The crisis is national in nature and cannot be reduced to individuals or factions. I am clear about how we should fix the legitimacy issues all round and will keep my eye on the ball. This is the main cause of our crisis," said Kasukuwere.

Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Walter Mzembi and Patrick Zhuwawo are former Ministers who crossed the border after the 2017 restore legacy operation, that saw the unseating of former president Mugabe and the coming in of president Mnangagwa. The team has become vocal against Mnangagwa's rule through social media outlets and other news platforms. The government of Zimbabwe however maintains that the team is wanted in Zimbabwe to answer for serious charges of corruption. 

Commenting on Kasukuwere's Twitter handle, one Simboti, said it was clear  that Kasukuwere's fight was not a national agenda but a personal one and this has proven difficult for Kasukuwere because Mnangagwa is in power. 

" .. You are fighting a personal agenda not a national one. What you only care about is retaining your positions in Zanu pf which is a bit difficult with ED in power," said Simboti. 

Hermish Dunga also commented on Kasukuwere's post and warned that the threat posed by Kasukuwere's team is more dangerous than the opposition parties in Zimbabwe. 

'Me thinks the threat being posed by G40 elements to the 2nd republic ( Mnangagwa's government) is much more dangerous than the threat being caused by the opposition elements. Why? 1. G40 are privy to the inner dealings of the zanu pf and government by virtue of them serving on highest level, warned Dunga. 

The question that remains is, who is more Zanu PF than the other? The Mnangagwa team or the Exiled Kasukuwere team. 

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