Friday, April 19

Shadaya Okumbira Rubatsiro Kumapurisa Ndibatsireyi Pane Vanhu Varikuda Kundiuraya


I greatly require your assistance. Normally I wouldn't bring such issues out on public platforms as they can be misinterpreted, but I have no other option. I have been getting constant threats on my life and family as well for the past week I ignored it initially as pranks but when I start getting messages from family and friends about unidentified people asking about my routine, location and other information.




 I have to take it seriously My family and friends are very worried about my safety, constantly getting messages and even in person threats that "I'm wanted". To my knowledge I have not committed any crime, neither have I even said anything that can be regarded as a crime. Unless talking about societal issues is a crime And if I'm wanted for anything shouldn't I be called to report to any police station?.




I would gladly do so, because I have nothing to hide Just like everyone else regardless if one agrees or not with my opinions on societal issues, I shouldn't have to live in fear, always looking at my back, sleeping with one eye open, because of unidentified men looking for me Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated PLEASE DO RETWEET TO RAISE AWARENESS

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