Thursday, July 18

Shamwari Yababa Yopisa Mwana Weshamwari 3 Year Old Ndokumucherera Muvhu Zvinoshamisa Zvinotyisa

The Khoza family who live in Mpumalanga, South Africa is struggling with the horrific murder of their 3-year-old daughter, Peaceful. She was abducted, killed, and then her body was burned and buried in a shallow grave.

The family is devastated and asking “What have we done to deserve this?” as they try to make sense of this senseless tragedy.Peaceful was last seen playing outside her home before being taken by a friend of her father’s. While searching, residents found the alleged suspect burning what he claimed was rubbish. They forced him to clear the area, uncovering the horrifying truth







“It is painful for a parent to give birth to a child and then find her in this condition. She is burnt, we don’t know if she was raped or not. That we will hear from the suspect,” said one of the family members.

The 18-year-old suspect allegedly admitted to also being involved in the disappearance and murder of another child, 6-year-old Junior Mabandla. He also led the community to where he had buried Junior’s body. The six-year-old boy’s mutilated body was discovered in a bag.







The families treated the suspect like family, and they are shocked that someone so close to them could commit these brutal crimes. They are demanding answers from the suspect and hoping the justice system will hold him accountable.

The families are experiencing unimaginable grief and are seeking closure, even as they grapple with this horrific loss of innocent life.






“We treated him like a family member, he was close to the victim’s dad. They used to eat and drink together, they did everything together. We don’t know what went wrong, we don’t know why he had to do this, maybe he will one day explain why he did this to us,” said the family.






The alleged suspect is currently in hospital under police guard.

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