Monday, June 24

Zimbabwe Reports Stating Mai TT Could Get 14 Years In Prison For Theft Of Trust Property Worth $18K


According to the State, Mai TT hired an Audi Q5 from Liberty Kudakwashe Vazhura at Else Car Rental on September 29, 2020. The two parties entered into an agreement where Mai TT was supposed to pay US$770 per week, and a lease agreement was signed.

However, Mai TT allegedly failed to make the weekly payments and became evasive. She then transferred the car to Rachel Mhuka, who had lent her US$10 000 for her business venture. She used the car as security for the loan without informing Vazhura.

Mai TT later retrieved the car from Mhuka and replaced it with an invalid passport as surety. When Mhuka realised that the passport was invalid, she confronted Mai TT, who returned the car.

In January 2021, police from Rhodesville approached Mhuka and seized the car, saying it had been stolen from Else Car Rental. Vazhura had reported Mai TT for theft of trust property after he failed to locate her or the car.

The value of the car is US$18 000, and it was recovered.

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