Friday, April 19

Zvaiwana Ngwarati Hazvina Kumira Mushe Tavhunduka Talent Chiwenga Apostle Kuburitsirwa Manudzu Avo Ne Girlfriend Tariro Mafuka Zvazvinodai Kumunhu Wa Mwari Koisu Zvedu

This is Talent Chiwenga’s secret girlfriend, Tariro Mafuka (left)However, by February 2024, his position shifted dramatically, now advocating for men to take a second wife specifically to father sons. He argued, “A woman who hasn’t borne a son owes her husband. Hence, if she fails to produce a son after three or four attempts, she shouldn’t complain if her husband seeks another wife for this purpose.”

He further explained, “The new wife isn’t your enemy but a helper, as you’ve failed in your duty, and your husband is merely seeking assistance. Being a wife in God’s eyes isn’t about physical appearance.”






This recent message starkly contrasts his earlier teachings. At one point, he critiqued the obsession with fathering a son to carry on the family name, asking, “Why the fixation on a male heir? Was Jesus, who left no children, mistaken in focusing on his heavenly father’s legacy? Pursuing a son could result in numerous daughters, all while missing the point of legacy and value in all children.”2019,






Chiwenga advocated against the pursuit of having male offspring, stating, “If you have daughters, be content, and thank God for the children you have. No child is less of a child.” (VIDEO BELOW STORY CONTINUES)  he secretly married in 2015, over 4yrs before the 120km per hr speed rush accident in the Masvingo-Mvuma strip rd that killed his wife, Rejoice (right). He says uniformed CIO’s have crossed the Limpopo into SA to kill him






The preacher Talent Chiwenga announces that it is okay to bed ones brother’s widow, without marrying her (video below). LIVE DISCUSSION COMING UP SUNDAY 5PM-60M UK TIME (HOWARD NYONI)

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