Friday, April 19

Kudhura Kwe Hat DzaMudiwa Hood DzeWool Dzonetsa PaSocial Media

Gospel Hip Hop legend Mudiwa Hood just opened his luxuary botique  and many on social media are in shock at the price of the items in the store. Mudiwa Hoop posted some wollen hats for $55 USD and social media went crazy with shock. See the post below.

Our exclusive and limited MH 100% wool hats are only $55,00 USD each. Our products are Luxury products which were hand made with passion, and with maximum & close attention to detail!...

Dear Mudiwa Hood brand never apologize for being MHB because Tommy Hilfiger ,Nike ,Billabong etc have never apologized yet ,Zimbabwean love to criticize a fellow countryman yet they dont criticize the white man because they are still captured by the whiteman,even the brains of born frees (still caputured) Goals and standards are set,you can’t lower your standards because people will criticise you.

I support the standards,let those who can afford buy and support.Negative mindsets will destroy us as Zimbabweans

They can't negotiate prices in Picknpay,Bonmarche or Spar but they want to negotiate with your price tag, The same people will pay for business class ticket from hre to jhb for 800$ but they won't negotiate with Airlink or SAA bcz it's Mudiwa Hood a young black man working hard they want to bring him down ...They will still prefer to wear a fake Gucci wool hat instead of supporting thr own local brands.

Nekuti ndiMudiwa hanzi dzikisa hat chete ,Pamakarumwa nenyoka mukada kuenda kuAvenue Clinic makaiudza here kuti dzikisai admission fee ,Or makasiyana nekurapwa ipapo mukanorapwa kwakachipa,Stop bringing a fellow countryman down.No wonder we are not we are not going anywhere as a nation.

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