Sunday, December 03

Stunner Da Des Vs Mudiwa Hood Who Does It Better ?

Stunner Da Des and Mudiwa Hood are the most flamboyant musicians in Zimbabwe. They have won 40 musical awards between the two of them. They have won seven best-dressed awards between them. No one in the Zimbabwean Music Industry has a sense of class and style like these two musicians.

Stunner Da Des is the proclaimed King of HipHop in Zimbabwe, Mudiwa Hood is the Proclaimed King of Gospel Hip Hop. These two musicians has always challenged each other be it in fashion or making the best single. The competition between Stunner Da Des and Mudiwa Hood has made both performers better at their Craft.

Zimbolivenews would like to thank these two musicians for their hard work. Leave your comment below on who your favorite artist is between the two music icons.





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