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August 03, 2022

Tinashe Maphosa Azobvuma Kurambwa Adzura Mapikicha Emuchato We 100K NaMai TT

After 1 week of refusing kurambwa Tianshe Maphosa akanda mapfumo pasi abvuma kurambwa na Mai TT. Tinashe Maphosa has deleted all photos of Mai TT and their 100k USD wedding , changosara zvikwereti. Below are posts from Mafira Kureva after Tinashe Accepted defeated. Finally vazobvuma kurambwa, vadzura picture ye muchato vaita havo, munhu wepi trying to manipulate the situation nekuisa wedding pics kudii, u took advantage of Felly whilst she was in a vulnerable state, kumatare itori mhosva iyoyo pane evidence ye machats kuti wakamanikidza kuda kuchata n didn’t give her a chance to make her decision can’t believe ndaimbokuti cat father , I think baba ava vanoroya chete But in such a case, why was the forced part left broke and was busy organizing the wedding???? Itai mus

August 02, 2022

Mushonga WaTatelicious Wotanga Kusenza Mai TT Votaya Njere Kuenda Kuvavengi Vavo Kuti Vavabatsire Kupunza Muchato NaTianshe Maphosa

Tatelicious performed a ritual which was never reversed and it appears the effects of that ritual are now taking affect. Mai TT has been in fights with a number of women socialites and  has  now turned to them to help her expose and attacked her American Bonzo Renyama Tinashe Maphosa, who she is accusing of emotional, physical and financial abuse. As observers of social media streets one can only wonder if Tatelicious's ritual is cause Mai TT reaching to women who has wanted her downfall for years and her marriage to fail.  Mai TT reaching out to these women to help her destroy whats left of her 3 months marriage can oly be described as a supernatural act. These women has made her cry , stress and suffer pain and in her darkest hours she has them by her side mu

July 29, 2022

Mai TT Vonyora Tsamba Kuna Tinashe Maphosa Hanzi Mwoyo Wangu Urikubanda Nekutsotsa Kwawakandiita PaRudo NeMari

In a now deleted post , Comedienne Mai Tt took to social media to express how she felt after being betrayed by husband Tinashe Maphosa. Mai Tt revealed that she was broken and couldn’t believe someone she had helped had turned against her was now treating her as a stranger. The message was posted on her facebook page and it read “ This is ringing in my head every minute and I will not pretend to anyone, I'm broken to the last I can't believe someone you helped will turn against you and treat you as a total stranger because you have cried for help to his relatives. I thank Tatenda for leaking this audio because I would not have known that today I will be labeled this munhu, you don't know her . The same munhu covered for you even your blood do not know the

July 27, 2022

Mai TT Vodemba Mari Yavo Yavakabhadhara Zvikwereti Yatadza Kudzorerwa Na Tinashe Maphosa

Handirarame nezvikwereti I work hard for my money . You have no idea how if feels to use all your savings expecting to be paid back then you get angry when delayed . Your anger becomes the topic but what triggered it ?? In this life I’m owing nobody , but all I can say I lost all I sweat for because of trust. I have a big heart wich loves too much . Trusts too much but each time I do , I get hurt .  I will teach my heart to be heartless that is the only way I can protect it from harm .  So many people texting me and saying how much are you owing we can help ? Thank you but I’m not owing anybody I’m supposed to be paid back but nobody is willing to . Wich is ok . God will pay me back. I have always cried to him and he replaces what has been taken and

July 04, 2022

Mashura Mai TT Voramwa Motor Yavakatengerwa Na Tinashe Maphosa Nekuti Yaiva YaJoey

Amai tt voramwa motor yavakatengerwa na Tinashe Maphosa nekuti yaimbova ya Joey . see the video below.   

June 30, 2022

Stunner Weeps Uncontrollably In Court Dyonne Akundirambidza Kuona Mwana Wangu

Hip Hop artiste Desmond Chideme wept uncontrollably in court today while explaining how he missed his daughter. This forced the court to briefly adjourn to allow the urban grooves star to calm down. Chideme popularly known as Stunner is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife Dione Tafirenyika at Rainbow Towers. The rapper told the court that he was being barred from seeing or providing for their daughter. He said the current situation is affecting him financially and emotionally. He told the court that he is struggling to pay fees for his children saying all his shows are being cancelled. According to the state, Chideme assaulted Tafirenyika at the height of a domestic dispute at the Rainbow Towers Hotel back in April. The court heard Tafire

June 28, 2022

Deliwe Acquitted Awonekwa Asina Mhosva Pakushaya Kwemurume Wake

Deliwe Acquitted Awonekwa Asina Mhosva Pakushaya Kwemurume Wake. BREAKING NEWS: UPDATE ON DELIWE: ACCORDING TO A CLOSE SOURCE POSTMORTEM PRELIMENARY REPORT DONE CONFIRMS THAT DECEASED DIED OF LIGATURE. MEETINGS DONE WITH CID AND ALL PARTIES INVOLVED CONFIRMS NO FOUL PLAY IS PLEASANTLY BEING SUSPECTED AND NOW THE FAMILIES ARE IN FURTHER DISCUSSIONS ABOUT BURIAL. THERE IS NO SHREAD OF THRUTH IN SOCIAL MEDIA REPORTS. CONDOLENCES TO THE BOBO FAMILY AND MAY TAWANDA'S SOUL REST IN PEACE. If anyone has been affected by this story please contact your nearest mental health support. Realted Story Celebrity make-up artists Deliwe Mutandiro (30) is expected to appear in court today after being arrested as a suspect by police after her husband Tawanda Bobo, (41) was found dead at th

June 23, 2022

Zvigari Zveku Turkey Jaya MrStyllz NeMhandara Taa Vorwira Kuda HuNyanzvi We Soft Live

Socialites MrStyllz & Taa Nanaki aka Ginimbi handsome girl, are at war as they both want to be known for being the boss of soft life. Mrstyllz calls himself the Mayor of Soft Life & Taa calls herself the Queen of soft life . Watch the videos below as they challenge each other. MrStyllz Responds To Taa Nanaki   Taa Nanaki Responds To MrStyllz

June 21, 2022

Winky D Breaks His Silence On Bra Thrown On Stage At HICC

Winky D’s camp has finally broken silence concerning a bra that was thrown by a female fan during the Redefined Concert held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Saturday. The Zimdancehall chanter gave a flawless performance on Saturday night. He was one of three musicians that performed at the Redefined Concert. Winky D performed after a memorable set by Handipere Power hitmaker Nutty O. Winky D backed by the superb Vigilance Band,  as he performed songs such as Swagga Muchando, Twenty Five and Happy Again among many others. He had fans going crazy with his stellar performance as they sang along to his songs word for word with Winky D reduced to being a choirmaster for the most part of his performance. During Winky D’

June 16, 2022

Stunner Tells Court Dyonne Once Stabbed Him Nebanga Akarara

DYONNE Tafirenyika, the estranged wife of rapper Desmond Chideme, claims she was assaulted for more than half-an-hour by the artiste in an ugly moment of rage in Harare in April. She made the claims when the rapper’s trial got underway in the capital yesterday. Chideme, who is accused of assaulting the mother of his daughter, appeared before Harare magistrate, Evelyn Mashavirakure, and pleaded not guilty to the physical abuse charges. The State, represented by Dzidzai Jonasi, opened its case by leading evidence from Tafirenyika, their star witness. She told the court the couple had been married for over six years and they had a strained relationship for about three months. “We attended his show on April 10 and, at a certain time, I stood up and went to the bathro

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