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December 26, 2022

Amai TT Defends Ketina After Atuka Olinda Chapel Kuti You Lack Confidence Kuchekwa Miri & Unorwara NeMukondombera

Zvirinani kuita natural zamu rakarara pane kunge uchafira pa machine uchigurwa gurwa nekudhedhwa nemichina instead of just eating healthy and exercising mbuya worinda you lack confidence if you have confidence show us the scars of your surgery mukushani wakukupengesai mbuya imi ipai vanhu mari dzamakanyepa kuita ma donations huyai musina firita you are clearly not happy kumba kwako worinda ne xmas ino ukungombeya wapera hauna mari urichembere isina confidence you have to understand kuti not everyone have to go kumasurgery vane mazamu akamira ndiana kylie ini newe tave zvimbuya chero ukachekwa chekwa chakafukidza mascars ihembe ne firita  You lack confidence in a way that you are risking your life all in the name of pleasing tytas and chaunga 🤣🤣🤣 mazizino anenge mbira dzenhar

December 23, 2022

Comedian Mai TT Voramba Kuti She Is Working Basa ReDhodicom KuEngland

Comedian Mai TT has broken her silence after social media socialite Tatelicious and others claimed that Mai TT  was in the UK working shifts taking care of Machembere in the UK. Rumors were saying UK based rich Aunty Mai Mazoe had given Mai TT a job to work as a caretaker for old people. Mai tt posted the following message denying the rumors. Were is Fely were is Fely hee carework heee wat hee rose do you think Rose is my keeper kokandakavharirwa moda ndikuudzeyi kwandiri kuti zvidii??? TUmbwa  Mashows aunoita kubva November 2022 kusvika March 2023 unenge uchi maiitira ani, iyoyo Rita ndiyo yaungagarira 6 months mhiri? Why uchida kuzviita Makhadzi anoita mashows from January to December? Hona manje wapindawo mudhoticom iwe waimbove mbinga yaiti “sit down hauna

December 21, 2022

Tatelicious Hanzi Mai TT Vari Kugara MuHotel Cousin Rose Na Tete Mildred Vakaramba Kugara Navo Nekuti Mura Anga Akunyanyirwa Nema Visitors Echirume

Ndabata Fresh Dot-com Felistas Staying in Hotel or Kumba kwaRose????? Rose akaisa mutemo akati she doesn't like man coming and going in her house .Mura anga akunyanyirwa NEMA visitors echirume. Thank you Shamwari yaRose for the information. Tete Mildred vakaramba kugara naFelistas because VANA vaTete Mildred are angry at how their mother gave a stranger Felistas 8500US dollars whilst Hama dzatete Mildred dzichitambura kuZim Hakuna kumira mushe Feli anenge akunzi was sleeping Kumba kwa Kay Cie then Kay Cie's girlfriend found it out Felly ndokudzingwa. I don't know kuti anorara kupi today.

December 19, 2022

Zimbabwean Blogger Zimcelebs Hacked - Hacker Promises To Hack Shadaya & Passion Java

A hacker calling themself Terry Porter Rain has distrupted the social media streeet on Zimbabwe Social Media. The #1 blogger in Zimbabwe ZIMCELEBS Instagram account was hacked and another top blogger Zimcelebz was also hacked. The hacker has vowed to hack Shadaya & Passion Java. the hacker posted telling Zimcelebs he should issue a public apology to women and people thay have abused see the post below.

December 07, 2022

Olinda Chapel Speaks Tytan Akazvambura Simba Chikanza Kunge Nyoka Yapinda Mumba Nekuti Akandimara Chigunwe Nekundibhula

The reason why my husband was extremely upset. Like any other man he will not watch his wife being attacked and bullied and not protector. The things that happened off camera was luckily recorded on CCTV. I have reported the issue to Milton Keynes police for the attack on me. Especially after several warnings by the police not to come in contact with me. The individuals involved, we have raised our complaints with the governing bodies and also the fact they did it whilst wearing NHS ID badges (meaning they were representing that department at that point). They have a strict code of conduct they are expected to adhere to. Gain Healthcare Ltd is not a small entity and it will not take the bullying and harassment of its representatives lightly. Companies Act has a specific legislation that

November 28, 2022

Shashl Ochema Levels NdiSatani Akandi Manikidza Kurara Naye Ndaingoda Kuita Zve Music Naye

LEVELS IS EVIL’ Levels is a very violent, ‘sex predator’ I was cornered, he forced me into sex Latwell Nyangu Levels has torched a storm after his nudes and sex tape with Shashl leaked over the weekend. In his defence, he claimed his cellphone was stolen and hacked. However, social media users could not buy his narrative as they were convinced he deliberately leaked the nudes. The sexually explicit content has also exposed Shashl. She bared her soul, exclusively to H-Metro, while sobbing. “He forced me into the situation. He would force me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to. “It started on social media when people were saying Levels and Shashl are dating, yet we were not. “He is actually the one who posted

November 18, 2022

Lazzy Bee Weku Mabvuku Wins Best Dressed At Rick Ross Red Carpet

Lazzy Bee Weku Mabvuku nema pijama ake owina mukombe wekuchena ku Red Carpet ku Rick Ross show. Lazzy Bee told Zimbolivenews he went to Tafara and got Louis Vuitton pront material akasoneza mapijama ake which he wore at the Rick Ross Red Carpet event. see the photos below of Mukoma Lazzy Bee. you can follw Lazzy Bee on his Instagram for the best clothing designs and trends https://www.instagram.com/lazzybeezw/

November 14, 2022

Bruno Obvuta Furniture Yake Yakatadza Kubhadharwa naTinashe Maphosa

Tinashe Maphosa’s Madokero property has been taken up by the Messenger of Court in Madokero after Bruno Furniturez successfully obtained the order from the court. This happened earlier this afternoon as chairs, sofas and other valuable properties were confiscated This comes soon after Tinashe opened a case for defamation of character against mai Titi.

November 09, 2022

Temba Mliswa Drugged, Robbed US$25 000 Nemahure Two Anobva Ku Kenya

The member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa has been robbed by two Kenyan ladies who drugged him in his room at Monomotapa Hotel with a substance believed to be valium. Independent Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Themba Mliswa has allegedly been robbed out of US$25 000 by two women of Kenyan origin whom he invited for drinks in his room at Monomotapa. Hotel in Harare. The incident happened yesterday when the two women, suspected to be prostitutes, drugged him with valium and managed to get away with US$ 25 000 that was in his briefcase. According to reports from the hotel staff, Mliswa was found unconscious and naked in his room this morning. However, efforts to get a comment from Mliswa and the Hotel manager were unsuccessful. This is a developing story

November 02, 2022

Tinashe Maphosa Ogarisa Mai TT Mudhishi Kuvasuwa For USD $250,000 For Defamation Of Character

You steal from me you runaway then you serve me stupid summons tht I should pay you for telling the world tht you stole from me imbwa mugodhoyi damariyangu yawakaba stop sending your stupid lawyers here give me my money you stole in my house satan muroyi Musatanyoko bring yourself to Zimbabwe if you didn’t steal imbwa musatanyoko Musatanyoko wako Tinashe damari yangu zimbavha ziSatan mugodhoyi muroyi. You will never get a cent from me musatanyoko. You think you can rip me off zimbavha take it wherever you want I want my money and I’m not going to pay u a dime . Suchanyani wakuda kupfumisa dzinza nemariyausina kushandira $30 000 yawakaba wakatoipedza here Satan iwe . Imbwa yemunhu rombe remunhu imbwaaaaa. imbwaaaaaaa satan. Kuipa zvese chiso nemoyo mugodhoyi muroyi

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