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May 18, 2022

Hopewell Chin’ono Opfekedza Mudiwa Hood Matendafutu -You Donate To The Poor With Looted Money From ZanuPF Tikwanire

Mudiwa Hood posted this tweet to me saying he has an impact on Zimbabweans. Below was my response to him. ———————————————————- There was a drug dealer called Pablo Escobar @mudiwahood He impacted people’s lives in 2 ways, turning people into drug junkies whilst making millions, and giving others trinkets. Impact happens in 2 ways, buying beef for folks, and supporting a regime that impoverished them. In Jamaica there was a drug dealer called Christopher “Dudus” Coke. He made millions turning people into junkies & mules. Then donated some of his loot to communities Normal people can’t applaud your impact when at the same time you ar

May 15, 2022

Robert Mugabe Jr In Singapore Hospital After Right Ling Collapses

BREAKING NEWS: [slide] Rumours are coming to Ingodatv on Robert Mugabe Jnr’s Admission at Singapore Hospital over Right Lung Collapse after he had traveled to Singapore on business. Last week Robert Mugabe Jnr was rushed to a hospital in Singapore after his Right Lung Collapsed when he had traveled to Singapore. This happened the following day after he had landed in Singapore on Saturday and its alleged he was by himself when it all happened. The following day during early evening hours, Singapore Time around 6/7pm its alleged he started to have some chest pains on his Right Upper Body side. He couldn’t breath well and he decided to go to the hospital. It’s said as soon as got there he was admitted and told his Right Lung had Collapsed and they needed to operate h

May 12, 2022

Mai TT Husband Tinashe Maphosa Abatwa MuComment Section Achidongorera Nyamalast Mbingaress Miss Joe

Mai TT Husband Tinashe Maphosa Abatwa MuComment Section Achidongorera Miss Joe . This story is breaking you can see the v11's from the photos below.

May 11, 2022

DJ Fantan Accuses H Metro Of Writing Fake News To Take Him Down

H Metro "do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people.False accusations are a serious matter in the deen. Wise up.. chete kuti Ana H metro menenge muchitsvaga relevance, mavharirwa panze ne ma Bloggers ka Makutokundwa basa Nana  @zim_social @zimcelebs @zimcelebz . Nowadays vanhu vakuto truster Zimcelebs kupfura H metro 😂. FAMILY, FANS & FRIENDS INI NE MHURI YANGU TIRI SAFE... CHINGOTENGAI CHI PEPA CHAVO VAMBOITA MA SALES kkkk headline iyo ndeye munhu arikuda kutondipedza😂😂 Jah nuh sleep🙏🏼

May 09, 2022

Two People Die During Stampede After Winky D’s Performance At Borrowdale Race Course

In a rather tragic development, two people died last night at Borrowdale Race Course in a stampede that ensued Winky D’s musical performance at the Castle Tankard. The tragic incident reportedly happened while partygoers were making their way out of the Race Course through an inside exit point. Police have since identified the victims as Thomas Maarira (43), and Emilia Makoga (44). iHarare is publishing the Police Statement in its entirety;   ZRP PRESS STATEMENT 08TH MAY 2022 DEATH OF TWO PEOPLE DUE TO STAMPEDE AT BORROWDALE RACE COURSE The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating the sad and unfortunate death of two people at Borrowdale Race Course on 7th May 2022 at 2205 hours due to a stampede after the Castle Tankard musical performance by Winky D. The

May 02, 2022

Mai TT Vopinda Busy Mushure Mekutuka Makeup Artist Deliwe - Vofonerwa Nezvipoko Pakati Pehusiku

Mai TT is in trouble for blasting celebrity makeup Artist Deliwe. Mai TT posted on her social media that she has received phone calls from unknown people blasting her. see her post below. I’m awake because of this Unknown caller calling kundishaudhira nhau yemakeup saying all kinds of staff. Matotadzaka kurara madii mangouya pamba? Why Wasu didn’t do my Makeup?? Wasu has got bills to pay besides being around me all the time , he has got rent to pay too. The money I was going to pay him is little compared to the money he made on my wedding day , he literally did a lot of people who attended my wedding and made money. 4am angaato nelineup yevanhu.He was nowhere near me that day he was extremely busy. I can’t be selfish to always keep him by my side , besi

April 27, 2022

Mai TT Voshora Zim Artists Vanoita Mashows For 2 Cents Zvenzara Ndakabhara Kelly Khumalo Thousands USD

Comedian Mai Tt said that Zimbabwean artists charge 2 cents for shows and that she paid tens of thousands of dollars to Kelly Khumalo to perform at her wedding. Many Musicians are not happy with Mai TT statements. Popular musicians reached out to Zimbolivenews with comments of disappointments. Many wanted to remain annonymous to avoid drama with mai TT. The sentiment was the same that she wanted to pay local artists peanuts and yet will pay thousands to Kelly khumalo. A Few weeks before Mai TT's wedding she tried to pay Winky D $500 to play at her bridal shower. Mai TT was told that  $500 was amount Winky D paid each of his band members.  Watch the video below.     Winky D Snubbed Mai TT’s Wedd

April 25, 2022

Business Man & Socialite Obert Karombe Dies In A Car Accident

In a tragic development, Mutare based socialite Obert Karombe has died in a horrific car accident. Obert Karombe was involved in a horrific car accident along Beatrice Road. Details pertaining to the accident are still sketchy, however, reports reaching iHarare suggest that he recently got married. Obert Karombe was a wealthy businessman based in Mutare and was regarded as a ‘mbinga.’ Here are some of the pictures from the accident scene; Messages of condolence have already started trickling as people mourn his sudden untimely death. Here are some of the reactions from some of the Zim Celebs; Meanwhile, Karombe’s death comes just two years after another top socialite passed away in a horrific road accident. Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungu

April 25, 2022

Andy Muridzo Suspends Manager Onsimo Sain

ANDY Muridzo has suspended his manager Onsimo Sain amid claims of mismanagement of funds and gross misconduct. In a letter dated April 21, Muridzo wrote to Sain advising him of his suspension. Ironically, Muridzo posted a video on his Instagram account accusing Sain of having built a house using his funds. Muridzo’s letter reads: “This note constitutes official notice of your suspension from Andy Muridzo & Jeetaz Band because of your most recent actions which include mismanagement of funds, gross negligence, ill treatment of the band and insubordination. “Your suspension is until further notice. “Below are the terms of your suspension: 1) Unless contacted beforehand, you are not permitted to interfere with the administration of all Muridzo F

April 19, 2022

Fans Disappointed Joeboy Performance Yakabhohwa No Fire

It was a typical damp squib. Something the fans felt heartbroken about. Elders would describe Nigerian musician Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donused affectionately known Joeboy’s performance at Borrowdale Racecourse as all froth and no beer. he ladies, who are among his legion of fans where left with their jaws ajar in disgust. Yesterday, social media was agog with disgruntled fans blasting Joeboy for failing them when they had expected a lot from him. Joeboy, Joeboy, Joeboy! Three times. How could you do that to your fellow fans? Well, the artiste who came from Zambia a day before his scheduled Harare concert on Independence Eve pulled a shocker and left his fans feeling robbed. Indeed they are right to feel so because they never got value for their money. The concert

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