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June 23, 2022

Zvigari Zveku Turkey Jaya MrStyllz NeMhandara Taa Vorwira Kuda HuNyanzvi We Soft Live

Socialites MrStyllz & Taa Nanaki aka Ginimbi handsome girl, are at war as they both want to be known for being the boss of soft life. Mrstyllz calls himself the Mayor of Soft Life & Taa calls herself the Queen of soft life . Watch the videos below as they challenge each other. MrStyllz Responds To Taa Nanaki   Taa Nanaki Responds To MrStyllz

June 21, 2022

Winky D Breaks His Silence On Bra Thrown On Stage At HICC

Winky D’s camp has finally broken silence concerning a bra that was thrown by a female fan during the Redefined Concert held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Saturday. The Zimdancehall chanter gave a flawless performance on Saturday night. He was one of three musicians that performed at the Redefined Concert. Winky D performed after a memorable set by Handipere Power hitmaker Nutty O. Winky D backed by the superb Vigilance Band,  as he performed songs such as Swagga Muchando, Twenty Five and Happy Again among many others. He had fans going crazy with his stellar performance as they sang along to his songs word for word with Winky D reduced to being a choirmaster for the most part of his performance. During Winky D’

June 16, 2022

Stunner Tells Court Dyonne Once Stabbed Him Nebanga Akarara

DYONNE Tafirenyika, the estranged wife of rapper Desmond Chideme, claims she was assaulted for more than half-an-hour by the artiste in an ugly moment of rage in Harare in April. She made the claims when the rapper’s trial got underway in the capital yesterday. Chideme, who is accused of assaulting the mother of his daughter, appeared before Harare magistrate, Evelyn Mashavirakure, and pleaded not guilty to the physical abuse charges. The State, represented by Dzidzai Jonasi, opened its case by leading evidence from Tafirenyika, their star witness. She told the court the couple had been married for over six years and they had a strained relationship for about three months. “We attended his show on April 10 and, at a certain time, I stood up and went to the bathro

June 15, 2022

Facts You Didn't Know About Kelly

A Tik Tok user, Bhadie Kellyy has left social media in shambles with her twerk videos which have spilt over to other platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Kelly, who always appears in her videos anchored by a mesmerizing Nike-shoe-collection in the background, had left some people assuming that the evidently young  and energetic beauty is running an advert or campaign for the popular brand, but, iHarare is here to debunk the rumors and give you a sneak peak into her life. Bhadie Kelly is a Togolese social media personality who is in her early twenties . She was born and bred in the West African country but is currently based in the United States Of America She specializes in creating short dance-videos that have attracted overwhelming attention from a lot of man wor

June 07, 2022

Evidence Chihera Granted $20 000 Bail Trial To Commence On June 30

COMEDIENNE Felistas Maphosa (35), popularly known as ‘Mai Titi’ has taken Evidence Jiri to the courts claiming that she cyber-bullied her after posting a live video claiming that her daughters were once raped by a mentally ill man. Jiri on Monday appeared before Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti facing allegations of contravening the Cyber and Data Protection Act. She was granted $20 000 bail, and her trial will commence on June 30. Jiri told the courts that Mai Titi had threatened her with death. She said when she tried to take the matter to courts, the police ignored her saying there was no law to deal with social media threats. The court heard that both parties are Facebook socialites, and Jiri runs a Facebook page by the name Evidence Chi

June 07, 2022

Why Does Mai TT Not Get Along With Other Celebrity Women- All Rally To Stand With Evidence Chihera

It appears as if Mai TT is losing fans and support from other Social Media personalities. Evidence Chihera who Mai TT setup to be arrested by her best friends sister did a live and thanks some of the biggest women celebrities in Zimbabwe for reaching out and helping her out white she was locked up at Harare Central. Celebrities like Mai Maketeni, Olinda Chapel, Madam Boss, Tatelicious, Rutendo Samas, Zuva Habane and many more who Chihera told her to remain annonymous. Mai TT is known more for her dramatic relationships with different men she has dated and fights with other celebrities. Man believe Mai TT creates these fight to gain views on her Facebook and youtube channels. The only friend standing with Mai TT on her getting Chihera arrested in Faith Candy whose sister was the on

June 06, 2022

Olinda Chapel Exposes Mai TT For Being A Bully & Insulting Her Daughter & Other People

Yesterday was the first time to actually see a video of my beautiful daughter being insulted and being called names, after so many people tagged me in these videos. Because quite to popular belief I don’t spend my precious time watching or listening to that woman.  I am quite confused kuti a whole woman that went through child birth would stoop so low. Then cry foul for the very same thing that you have done time and time again.  Is it just a matter of one set of rules for you and another set of rules for others ? Or is this what we call double standards. Now I understand the term when the elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers.  These social media wars that keep going on and on and on are now extremely toxic and I speak for myself. All the women tha

June 04, 2022

Mai TT Corruption & ChiZanuPF Exposed Used Sister YaFaith Candy Kusungisa Evidence Chihera

The plot by Mai TT to have Evidence Chihera has been exposed. Mai TT used her best friend siter Faith Candy to have Zimbabwe Republic police arrest Chihera. The reason the Police woman was hiding her face was that she did not want to be identified as people would link her to Mai TT. Fith Candy and Mai TT are best friends and it looks like they used Faith Candys sisters Police status to arrest Chihera.  Fan of Chihera were able to Identify the police woman who was hiding her face and posted her on social media see photos below.

June 03, 2022

Millionaire Comedian Mai TT Building A 16 Roomed Mansion & Tinashe Maphosa Pays Her $1500 USD A Week

Comedian Mai TT announced that she is building a 16 roomed Mansion. Mai TT announced this after socialite Tatelicious posted that Mai TT had been kicked out of her house for not paying rent. see tatelicious post below. Hupenyu ivhiri Mai TT. Makaseka gore randakadzingwa kuMansion.Kutoita maskit. Nhasi Landlord wako wants you out because hausi kubhadhara rent. Hupenyu ivhiri mdikani,sekera muberevere. Watch the Video below as Mai TT talks about her 16 roomed Mansion and the $1500 USD she is paid each week by Tiansh Maphosa  

June 01, 2022

Mai TT Wedding Singer Kelly Khumalo Acccused Of Shooting Senzo Meyiwa To Death By Mistake

Mai TT Wedding Singer Kelly Khumalo Acccused Of Shooting Shot Senzo Meyiwa To Death By Mistake The High Court in Pretoria has heard explosive information on the 2014 murder of Bafana Bafana ace goalkeeper Senzo Robert Meyiwa, with the defence stating that the slain footballer was shot “mistakenly” by his girlfriend, socialite Kelly Khumalo. Counsel for four of the five men arrested for the murder of the footballer, advocate Malesela Teffo, submitted to the court that an unidentified witness would testify that the singer shot Meyiwa, who was visiting her at the time. Teffo was cross-examining veteran police forensic expert Sergeant Thabo Mosia, who was the first crime scene expert to arrive at the Khumalo home after Meyiwa was murdered. “I put it to you Mr Mo

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