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November 13, 2019

Jackie Ngarande V11 Akaba Cell Phone LG-G3 In 2016

This is a docket for a story that was reported in 2016.One of the parties that had been battling with Jackie Ngarange just sent our media company a docket opened which shows Jackie Ngarande Stole an LG -G3 cellphone belonging to Adrin Rice in October 2016. Below is the docket that was opened. The phone looks like the image below . this is a story that happened in 2016

November 12, 2019

Comic Pastor Madam Boss & Sebastian Magacha Voenda Ku Zaoga

Madam Boss Coming Pastor Sebastian Magacha attended Zaoga Forward in Faith International church service over the weekend.

October 01, 2019

Battle Of Chimuti Zuva & Pokello

A good question for everyone to ask and answer. what is chimuti? Does Pokello Own Chimuti? Is Zuva Right That Chimuti does not belong to 1 person? Do you have Chimuti? Zimbabwe social media has been going crazy after Pokello claimed she owns Chimuti and hachitorwe ne Coup. Zuva Habane responded that everyone has Chimuti noone owns it see photos below: Pokello Chimuti Comments Zuva Responds To Pokello About Chimuti

September 25, 2019

Olinda Chapel Zvimwe Ndezvimwe "I Miss You Tytan"

Olinda Chapel seems to be having a hard time getting over Ndokubata Bho hitmaker Tytan. Olinda just posted on her Instagram how she was having one of those days she misses us refering to her broken up relationship with tytan who cheated on her several times including with one of Olinda's best friends.  Olinda Chapel is a strong woman and a role model to thousands of young girls we hope she feels better and gets past these hard times. Olinda Chapel & Tytan Break Up THE marriage between musician Tytan Skhokho and his socialite wife Olinda Chapel has collapsed, amid  reports of irreparable differences. Tytan, born Njabulo Nkomo, took to social media to announce the end of their union, saying he has had enough of abuse at the hands of Olinda (35). The 29-ye

September 19, 2019

Mudiwa Offers $100 To Fans Who Can Identify Stunner

Mudiwa has hit back at Stunner again and he is not letting go of this beef. Mudiwa just posted a photo on his Instagram Offering the last fan to identify a fan next to him $100 bond. In the photo the person being refered to as a fan is non other than the pioneer of Zim Hip Hop Stunner.  See the image below:   Mudiwa Stunner Beef 2017: Zim hip-hop star Stunner has renewed his feud with fellow rapper Mudiwa Hood who landed four gongs at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards 2017 held in Bulawayo last weekend Mudiwa walked away with the Best Hip-Hop Hustle, Video of the year, Best Gospel artiste and Best Dressed on the night Awards.The four-award haul, however, did not impress Stunner who took home just a single gong — the Best Male Award. Despite taking the most awards this

August 27, 2019

Photos Of Soul Jah Love People Are Asking If It’s A Video Shoot

Photos of Soul Jah Love have been posted on social media and Zimbabwe is curious if these are just a photos from a Video Shoot . Soul Jah Love fans are wondering if their favorite chanter has his hard times.

August 23, 2019

Olinda Chapel Its 100% Over I Will Never Go Back To Tytan

Olinda Chapel posted on her Instagram confirming that its 100% over between her and her husband for 6 months Tytan. Olinda confirmed that there was no reconciliation in the works.

August 22, 2019

Mai TT Sends Well Wishes To Her Colleague Gonyeti

Mai TT posted on her Facebook sending prayers and love to her friend  and colleague Gonyeti.

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