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January 15, 2020

Plot Mhako Confirms Enzo Ishall Has Left Chill Sport Records Teemak New Management

Word on the streets of Mbare are that Enzo Ishall has just signed a new contract  and Teemak to be his new management team. Taona Chipunza aka  Teemak are young business  entrepreneurs who are proffessional stock investor and promoters based in Malaysia. Teemak has worked with many Zimbabwean artists and the signing of Enzo Ishall is his biggest project to date with a mega star. This is a great move for Enzo Ishall signing with a management team that has resources all over the world. Enzo Ishall has been under the management of Chillsport records over the last few years as we reported last weeks Chillspot records and Passion Java have given Enzo Ishall thier blessing and are happy for him. Plot Mhako Confirmed the new arrangement.

January 09, 2020

Real Reason Baba Harare Left Jah Prayzah Group & Haana Kunditengera Imba

Baba Harare used to be a member of Jah Prayzah Millitary Touch Movement band. In the Video Baba Harare tells the world why he left Jah Prayzah band and that Jah Prayzah never bought him a house.

January 08, 2020

Congrats Nashie Zim TV Show The Interracial Marriage Coming Soon

Nashie Zim is a Zimbabwean Celebrity based in Canada. Nashie is also a musician,actor and comedian who has been in the music and entertainment Industry for years. Nashie Zim recently got married to his long time girlfriend Ashley. The young couple has shared their relationship with fans on social media for the last 2 years. Nashie Zim just posted on his social media accounts that a TV show called The Interracial Marriage TV show was official.  This is great news to fans of reality TV  as they will be able to witness these two love bird living their lives in front a television. Nashie Zim  posted a video clip of the Trailer you can watch it below or go to his youtube channel on this link:

January 02, 2020

Ginimbi Helping Uncle Roland Varohwa Ne Champopo

Ginimbi is a great friend Uncle Roland could not handle the amount of Champopo at the Vic Falls carnival. rom the look of things,South African based popular businessman better known is uncle Roland is drunk and can’t stand on his feet as a friend is heard in the background yelling,Murungu haadhakwe’,loosely translated a ‘sponsor’ should not get drunk first.Ginimbi is also seen trying to cool down our own uncle with some mineral water to make sure he doesn’t black out.

December 31, 2019

Wechijandukwa Wema Challenge Wins Facebook Comedian 2019 Award

2019 has been a great year for Zimbabwean comedians,we have seen a number of new comedians pushing the pace and doing great work. We have comedians like Comic Pastor, Bustop TV, Mai TT ,Madam Boss ,Kapfupi, Ray Vines who have dominated to comedy scene for the last few years. 2019 has been a year of change and great comedy and comedians. With Naiza Boom  & Special Class dominating Youtube platform with their comedy. We have also seen the rise of Comedians and Celebrity commentary such as Anna Chibaby Honde who is a superstar. Shema TV who is a rising star ,there is Lynn Fitho who is also a rising star on youtube. When it comes to Facebook no other comedian has risen higher and faster than Wechijandukwa Wema Challenge. This comedian writes his own scripts

December 23, 2019

King 98 Moonwalking To The Money Like Michael Jackson

Ngonidzashe Dondo aka King 98 maybe the savior of Zim Hip Hop. Ti Gonzi is already on a mission to save Zim Hip Hop with the aid of King 98 the future of Zim Hip Hop is safe. King 98 is the son  of Thompson Dondo  who owns Impala car rental. King 98 is only 21 years old and has already done collaborations with international  artists like Davido. At the recent Hip Hop awards King 98 won best collaboration for his song "Wacko"  with Lay Lizz & Nasty C – ‘Wacko’ . He also won Best Album of the year "Francesca". On top of these two awards  King 98 also won Best Hip Hop Hustle. For a young artist King 98 has toured all over Africa and the future is the limit for this youg superstar. Related News King 98: New ki

December 17, 2019

Politicians & Pastors Anesta Nehu Blesser Pana University

In a shocking video students at Zimbabwean Universities are finally speaking out about hos prominent pastors, ministers and prophets are acting as blessers to these young ladies. Most of these students are struggling while in college so using thier influence and money they use these girls to please them .  watch the video below

December 16, 2019

Marry Chiwenga’s Father Kenny Mubaiwa Speaks Achabuda D Chete

Marry Chiwenga’s father speaks out after daughter’s arrest Marry Chiwenga’s father Kenny Mubaiwa has said justice will prevail after his daughter was denied bail and locked behind bars for a slew of charges including attempted murder or VP Chiwenga.In a dramatic twist, Marry was considered a flight risk by the state thus she was denied bail.She was remanded in custody up to the 30th of December. Marry’s father was asked on what he thought of his daughter’s inceration and the crestfallen Kenny said justice will prevail. Marry Chiwenga’s father Kenny Mubaiwa has said justice will prevail after his daughter was denied bail and locked behind bars for a slew of charges including attempted murder of VP Constantino Chiwenga. In a dramatic twist of even

December 16, 2019

Video Of Mary Chiwenga Entering Rhori Ye Kuremand

Zimbolinenews had obtained footage of Mary Chiwenga covered on a zambia covering her face as she goes in Rhori yekuremand prison. Mary have been accused of numberious crime including kuda kuuraya General Chiwenga. The wife of Zimbabwe’s vice president has been charged with attempting to kill her husband.   Mary Chiwenga, a former model and wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court Monday where she was also charged with money laundering and fraud. Wearing a floral dress, she waved to journalists as she entered the court’s holding cells. The magistrate ordered that she remain in custody pending a bail hearing. She is accused of trying to Kuuraya her husband in South Africa in July. First, she tried to deny medical t

November 29, 2019

A Sweet Family Finally United

Looks like these family members have finally united after years aways from each other . Social media is good for uniting this sweet family. Thomas Chizhanje First Born , Seh Calaz second born Lorraine Guyo sister and third born and Sweet father President Mnangagwa. what a seeet family.

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