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February 26, 2020

Olinda Chapel Tells Tytan Mari Yangu Waitsotsonya Hatidi Kupusa Gore Re Gonzo

Olinda Chapel is taking a swipe at Ndokubata hitmaker Tytan by dedication Gaffa Ndini song Lyrics. The song has lines that say "Mari Yangu waitsotsonya", reffring to Tytan you ate my money. Olinda talks about hatidi dzungu mugore re gonzo. Tytan started the beef by posting videos and leaving baby nandi with strangers while he was at the bar drinkiing. Olinda is simply finishing what Tyan started. Watch the video below.

February 25, 2020

Breaking News Mai TT & Zizoe Coming To UK For A Tour

Mai TT just announced she is going to the UK for a tour with Zizoe. The Mukwesos will be coming to England announced Mai TT. Mai TT announced that the tour will be full of Suprises and amazing. The couple announced they will be in the UK for a while during the tour. Dates for the tour will be announced soon. Watch the video below for details.

February 10, 2020

Soul Jah Love Breaks His Silence On His Drug Use & Visiting Prophet Magaya

Soul jah Love has broken his silence about his recent incident with drug abuse which eventually led him to visit prophet Walter Magaya. Sou Jah Love has had a long history of drug abuse. Watch  the Video Below

February 10, 2020

Jah Prayzah – Asante (Official Video)

Jah Prayzah – Asante

February 06, 2020

Official Zimbabwe Valentines Day 2020 Song Private Lover Stunner ft Freeman

Zimbabweans have spoken and the official Zimbabwe Valentines Day 2020 song will be Private Lover by Stunner ft Freeman. Zimbolivenews did a poll on which song should be the Official Valentines day for 2020 and Private Lover won with 78% of the votes. The song is off Stunners Ghetto Chronicles album which is probably Stunners best album. Listen To the song below:

January 31, 2020

Enzo Ishall New Song Unotsvireiko Breaks The Internet

Enzo ishall is back with a bang. His new song “Unotsvireiko” is set to be a club banger. The song highlights just how the youth full musician can twist simple words into an exciting song. In the song, the singer urges people to leave relationships that oo not benefit them in any way. He queries why a lady in an abusive relationship without any value could stay in it. He also asks why a man would want to keep dating a woman who does not love him or at least engage in some intimacy with him. The singer then goes on to lament over lack of reasoning on the part of people who hold on to such unions. Unotsvireiko is Enzo’s new song under new management since his separation from Passion Java’s stable. Some people have speculated that the song might be a direct jab a

January 28, 2020

Madam Boss Inpirational Message About 5 Importance Of Water

Madam Boss just posted an Inspirational Video about the importance of Water. Madam Boss is also an inspirational Speaker besides being an actor and skit actor. watch the video and learn

January 27, 2020

10 Things You May Not Know About Pokello

Here is an interesting Video About  10 things you should know about Pokello. Pokello is a model , actress and business woman and a tolp Zimbabwean Celebrity

January 27, 2020

Apostle Talent Chiwenga Vachiwundura Memory Matimbire Uri Hure Joki

Controversial Gomba preacher Apostle Chiwenga openly attacked the Ndadhinhiwa Prophetess Memory Matimbire saying that she is a hure. Chiwenga said this during his Sunday Church service. He said the woman of cloth who is popular with women mostly sleeps around and fornicate with politicians. Chiwenga has accused Memory of indirectly supporting the army despite its wicked acts which has caused the government arm to be hated by many. Chiwenga mocked Matimbire for advertising her sermons whilst wearing the national army uniform, he said Satan cannot be shot using her guns and does not fear the army uniform. Everyone in Zimbabwe had lost respect for the army even small children. Chiwenga openly called Matimbire a spiritual fornicater.

January 24, 2020

Congratulations Zizoe Proposes To Mai TT On Facebook Live She Says Yes

In a move that was shocking and so romantic Mai TT's boyfriend Zizoe proposed to her on Facebook Live and she said yes. Mai TT was in shock and was brought to tears as he asked for her hand in Marriage. Mai TT Told Zizoe yes but she will consult with her family in a Shona traditional way.  2020 Is starting in a good way as Ben just got married and now mai TT

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