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August 08, 2020

Kachembere Ke Gudo Kane Vana Vasere

Kachembere kegudo is one of Zimbabweas best kids songs that many zimbabweans used to sing whire growing up. here ia a video and lyrivs to the song with an english translation. Kachembere ke gudo Kane vana vasere kaifamba kachikwira mugomo kaifamba mangwanani kachtsvaga zvekudya kana koguta unonzwa koti yuwi Yuwi kwenyu kwenyu (x2) Yuwi kachikwira mugomo kaifamba mangwanani kachtsvaga zvekudya English Version  An old Monkey That has seven children She was walking, going up the mountain She was walking in the morning looking for food When she's full in her stomach, she starts crying "ohh" "ohh Scratch scratch" Going up the mountain She was walking in the morning looking for food

June 05, 2020

Congratualtions Olinda Chapel Buys Brand New Range Rover For Cash

Olinda Chapel has once again proven that she is a boss by buying a brand new Range Rover for Cash. The business woman posted a video of herself and her son Sean in a show room. Olinda shows V11's of cash receipts for the amazing car. watch video below.   Tytan must be feeling like cow manure right now as he would of been driving a Benz and a Range Rover if he was still married to Olinda Chapel and she was taking care of him, Right now he stays in a one room apartment and commutes on public transportation.

May 21, 2020

Olinda Chapel Tells DJ Mandla How Stunner Disrespected Her

Olinda Chapel did a Facebook Live and Added Top Celebrity DJ Mandla who is a friend of Stunner and told him how Stunner had disrespected Her. Olinda Ask DJ Mandla his thoughts about the situation. Watch The Video Below.

May 20, 2020

Olinda Chapel Tells Stunner Stop Kunyepa Unogara Uchindifonera

Olinda Chapel is speaking out after ex husband Stunner told his fans he does not  talk or does not play with Olinda.Stunner was very insulting to Olinda so she showed proof of calls from stunner some over 30 minutes long. Watch the video Below of Olinda telling the truth about her relationship with Stunner.

March 24, 2020

Passion Java Hanzi Devil Is A Liar Handina Corona

The Gafa Passion Java has posted a video denying claims that he has the coronavirus, Passion java said the devil is a liar and was in a happy mood when he made the video you can watch it below.

March 10, 2020

Mwari Haape Zvese Ginimbi Should Stick To Making Money Zvabhakera Zvakaramba

Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure is a very wealthy man and is loved by many in Zimbabwe for having the nice cars and beautiful house and clothes. As they say mwari haape munhu zvese. From the video below  its easy to see that the game of Boxing is not something Ginimbi was blessed with. From the video Ginimbi misses several punches from his trainer. If Ginimbi can miss a punch he is ment to hit and located perfect for him. How would he do in a fight with someone trying to dodge his punches. Maybe Ginimbi needs to get Lessons from Sabena Ruwizhi who is not a certified Olympic boxing trainer. Watch the video below Boxing is definately Not Ginimbis thing he must stick to making money.

March 06, 2020

Passion Java Exposed As lying For Buying A Jet With Flat Tire

Passion Java exposed as a lying fraud for buying a jet as Zimbabweans noticed the tire on the jet was flat. In the video Passion Java says lets go as if the plane is about to fly . People have pointed out that a plane with a flat tire cant go anywhere. Barely 24 hours after claiming he bought a private jet and was on his way to an undisclosed location, Passion Java has been exposed for lying as the actual facts point out that he actually wasn’t going anywhere but grounded. 1. The position of the Private Jet for those that fly shows that it’s not close to the runaway but parked 2. The Private Jet front tyre is flat, no plane can move of the runaway or be cleared with a flat tyre 3. These no cabin crew which is a mandatory requirement by the international aviatio

March 04, 2020

Apostle Chiwenga Ndakamborambwa Because I Did Not Have 3 C's Car Cash Cellphone

Apostle Chiwenga during his sermon talked about a time a girl refused to date him becasue he was broke, The girl told him that she only dated man who had three C's Cash, Car & Cellphone. The apostle joked saying i did not qualify for this one. Watch the video below

February 28, 2020

Stunner Tells Tytan Dzokera Kumba Kana Relationship Yaramba Usarove Mukadzi Nekuda Mapaper

Stunner posted a video in which he advised Tytan to comeback to Zimbabwe if his relationship with Olinda had failed. Stunner  advices Tytan that resorting to lies and drama just to get papers is not worth it .

February 27, 2020

Tytan Kasunyara Releases Nandis Birth Records Olinda Achema

Olinda Chapel Just posted  a live video crying because Tytan just leaked to the public birth records of his daughter.  The leaked documents contain sensitive meterials.Tytan has been under the spell of Rumbidzayi Bvanzawabaya who is controlling all his moves to attack Olinda Chapel. Rumbidzayi has been involved in every stage even using her show to make Tytan expose Olinda Chapel Status. Listen To The Video below:

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